Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was Born This Way

Kai's SONG OF THE WEEK:  '"I Was Born This Way" is a disco song by Valentino, released in 1975, then by Carl Bean in 1977 (both artists for Motown), and a remake in 1995 by country singer Johnny Rodriguez. It was written by Chris Spierer and Bunny Jones. The record was first released on the Motown-distributed Gaiee Records and performed by Valentino formerly of The Dynamic Superiors. Frankie Crocker of WBLS Radio in New York first aired the song and it was an instant hit. The writers, Chris Spierer and Bunny Jones wanted to write a Gay anthem and make the plight on Gay issues known and bring it to the forefront.

The song's lyrics is about a man who proclaims that he's a homosexual and that he was "born this way". It was one of the first gay disco songs written specifically for the Gay community, before the Village People wave.

It was also sampled in 1999 by Stuart Price, using the alias Pour Homme, as "Born this Way". It was a tremendous hit in Europe.

In 2008, Magnus Carlsson, Sweden's popular gay male vocalist re-recorded 3 versions of "I Was Born This Way" in addition to Paul Oskar of Norway. Magnus Carlsson can be seen performing "I Was Born This Way" on YouTube as well as Marty Thomas of the Broadway hit show "Wicked"'(Wikipedia). Song Lyrics.

Kai's Thoughts: 

Because this groove came out on Motown, before Lady Gaga's recent hit. Because I'm happy, carefree, and Gay. Because we all deserve freedom. Because I was born Black. Because this song makes me smile. Because this song makes me dance. Because this song makes me think of funktified church. Because the bass-line makes me feel ALRIGHT! Because I'm here. Because We have been here and will be here to sing, dance, work, fight, live, love, write, laugh, cry, holler, move and...

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