Monday, September 1, 2014

Save Tonight/ Dear LA/ Our Last Jam;-)



Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry has been one of my favorite songs since 7th grade. It's the perfect farewell tune, I only wish that Martine, Treva and I had had enough time to record our cover (I believe this still can happen;-).

Kai's Thoughts: 

This is my last jam. My last post for this blog which has carried me through these last couple of years of graduate school. :::::BIIIGGGGGG EXHALE::::: WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!

I told Megan (LA native), "You know, LA is a city of survivors." It's one of the most difficult cities, but if you can make it in LA---> well I think you can make it just about anywhere. 


So I am grateful. Grateful for the struggles, the traffic, the heat, the mountains, the ocean, the backyard bbqs, the late night, afternoon, early morning porch conversations about all the possible Black queer futures we might be able to create, or the tools we might use to survive a dystopic future/present.

Lessons Learned:

1. Everything I need, I have.

2. Self-love is a prerequisite for all other love.   

3. I don't have to internalize other people's ish.

Dear LA,
I arrived at your doorstep 7 years ago. I was 22. It's crazy to think that I spent most of my twenties in your house. I always knew this thing we had wouldn't last, but I appreciate you for teaching me what I need to know for this next phase. Because of you, LA, I'm stronger. Because of you, LA, I now know how to recognize the sound of my own voice, the conviction of my own intuition and I trust it (now), like I trust God. Because of you, LA, I know that God is love, God is me, and nothing/nobody can tell me any different. LA, you're a bad ass city and I respect you. Thank you for helping to mold me into this man. This letter is short, because that's just how our relationship be(s). I'll visit real soon. <3<3<3 Dr. Kai M. Green