Monday, May 14, 2012

Hidden Charms

Kai's SONG OF THE WEEK:  "Hidden Charms" is a beautiful acoustic soul ballad given to us by Van Hunt. The song can be found on Hunt's 2004 album "Van Hunt (Acoustic)- EP". You can find more info about the artist here:  Van Hunt  . Because there isn't much info about this song I had to transcribe the lyrics myself:

Kai's Thoughts:
This song has blasting on my speakers all weekend. It's all about the journey. That's what this song reminds me. What is so beautiful to me is the lyric, "your audience is waiting." I imagine my audience as an active community, a collective of folk who walk with me, people who whisper in my ear and tell  me to keep going when I want to quit. I imagine my audience as those who send me emails just to say that they appreciate my story and my willingness to share--your encouragement keeps me going. I thank you. A supportive community is what gives me the courage to move, the courage to change, and the determination to grow. I am so appreciative of my community, the people who heal me, the people who laugh with me, the people who give me space when I need it, and the folks who are there to hug me when I need it. 

My dream for the world is that we all have the opportunity to discover our hidden charms, those passions deep within, the art, the poetry, the ideas, the dreams of freedom that so often become difficult to hold on to in the face of everyday living in capitalist America. The American dream is a nightmare that turns almost everything into a commodity. But we have dreams that are so much valuable than the dollar could ever be. How beautiful it would be if we could all just be? What if we could move freely without fear?  

My prayer for myself and for my partner and for my mother and for my father and for you is that we all find our hidden charms. Once we discover them within ourselves, we must share them. When we begin to share our talents and our gifts, we create an opening for transformation.

Transformation. Transition. The decision to transition was one that I made for myself. But my decision meant that everyone around me also had to change. Sometimes people were resistant. Sometimes people came around later. Sometimes you might lose the folks who aren't ready to make the journey with you, but don't be discouraged for there will always be those who are with you. There are ancestors that hold you up. There are people praying for you that you might not even be aware of. I thank my ancestors and those who pray for me.

I dedicate this Weekly Jam to my partner. I see more and more of your hidden charms shining through and it's a beautiful thing to witness. It is not always easy to be in partnership with someone who is medically transitioning, but you are here and have been here. Thank you. Thank you for transforming with me.  Thank you for pushing yourself and stretching yourself even when it hurts. I love you and your hidden charms--thank you for sharing them with me. But even more than that, I thank you for taking the time and the space to discover them for yourself. 

Let me know your thoughts on this song or any of the others that I have posted. Would love to hear from you, my community!

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