Monday, October 15, 2012

Place to Belong


 "Place to Belong" is a track from Little Dragon's  2007 self titled album "Little Dragon."(Lyrics)


Kai's Thoughts:   

I run (in)to the dark before the sun rises  
                                                I run into the moon’s mo(u)rning
        I Want to hang on                                                I long to be held in the space where darkness meets light
                               I convene with God
                                                                       I ask for clarity
I need to get my soul-spirit-body right                                              So I am unafraid of this night light
                                                                 This mo(u)rning                                                                            Let it come
      I watch you go                              I need to grow and I need to know        How to mother myself
                How to brother myself                      So I run for my health                  I run (in)to myself fully                               
The only place where I can shed the tears                                                                            They fall easy as I push through
                                        With sweat they fall, bathing the concrete underneath my feet
                                                                                                  And I keep running (in)to the mo(u)rning
I meet myself in all the places I reside in this body
                                                               Fully present to all that is here now
                                                                                                                             My body is filled with knowledge
               I am ready to discover
 Home                                          in these arms of mine                               for they are indeed yearning

                                I remind myself that everything I need 
I have                                                                                        I (re)member  me
               in pieces and whole                                                                                       I (re)member me                                                                                                                      

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